Monday, February 27, 2012

ASK LOVE AND LIFE:Date a Boy who's Cheesy

Ethel Tacorda
Ethel Tacorda

haha!sa magkabilang dulo ng parte ng manla,meron p lng parehong tao n nsasaktan d mn mgkaprehong sitwasyon at ngayon sila n p lang ang mgkasama at mgbi2gay ng tunay saya sa isat isa...salamat nakilala kita...

******Sent 950pm in Facebook chat. In reply to the article Date a Girl who Travels, and Date a Girl who Reads. I think its also equally important to note how men can be cheesy at times without being eecky. So date a man who is cheesy, but not over the top cheesy. He says the right things at the right time. There are times that this boy will make you squirm at the thought of the cheesylines he says but deep down you know it tickled a part of your heart.

Date a man who is cheesy, he means what he says because you feel it. The words does not have to high-falluting, cause the simplest words can have the deepest meanings.

Date a man who is cheesy, maybe not all the time, maybe not personally, but when he say it in person its as if he is shy to say it because he will become vulnerable. Cheesy lines are their kryptonite. When they say it it makes them weak. Being weak in front a girl is being strong.

Date a man who is cheesy, you dont need to bring them to expensive restaurants or give them expensive gifts. Just smile the sweetest smiles and every cheesy lines becomes worth it.

You are my cheesy-iest line ever. Thanks for being my favorite line!:)

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