Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ang sakit ng puso ko…

oo. may ginawa akong mali, di ako nagpaalam nung binuksan ko ung email. I didn’t mean any harm talga nung binuksan ko ung email.

Ang pagkakamali lang siguro ndi na nga ako nagpaalam meron pa akong ginawang mali.. isang isyung matagal nang napagusapan, madameng beses nang napagawayn. Eh wala naman talga akong intension na masama.. gusto ko lang malaman nila kung anung mangyayare. Hindi para magimply ng kahit anu pa man..

Alam kong mali ang nagawa ko. I admit that! Nasasaktan lang talga ako dahil siguro sa alam ko na mali ang ginawa ko pero nagtangatangahan ako at nalimutan ang tama kong dapat gawin.

Alam ko mali, pero ung reaksyon at mga nasabe nya medyo masakit. Parang may kumurot sa damdamin ko na nagsabeng, “ikaw kasi masyado ka nang comfortable! Hindi lahat ng bagay porket kayo eh conjugal na.” Kahit ganu ko sabihin na ndi na ako mangingialam ng kahit na anong gamit nya, andun pa rin ung kirot ng katangahan. Hindi ko maipaliwanag ang sakit na nararamdaman ng puso ko, parang gsto kong umiyak at sumigaw. Gusto kong magtago sa ilalim ng mesa kinalalagyan ko ngaun.. gusto kong iatras ang kamay ng oras par asana mas nakapagisip ako ng maayos at nakapagdesisyon ng mas mahinahon. Ndi maintinidihan ang nararamdaman ko, para akong nanghihina at unti unting nawawalang ng paningin. Ansaket pero alam ko na ang sakit na ito ay dulot ng sarili kong kagagawan. Madalas talga tanga ako.

Ang sakit ng PUSO ko…

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Basics 2009: Summer Workshop

We are a group of young professionals that will conduct a summer workshop on Arts, Crafts and Drama/Acting for 20 – 25 children ages 7 to 16.This activity aims to provide children with the opportunity to make their summer productive. The event will happen on March 28, 29, April 18, 19, May 2 and 3, 2009. A graduation with exhibit and production will happen on May 17, Saturday as a culminating activity. Participants will be asked to pay P180.00 for the handouts, materials and other expenses for the workshop.

Art Workshop by Gino Rosales
Drama/Acting by Keene Calipara
Crafts Workshop by Jhoanna Espiritu
Consultant: Ma. Hesusa C. Arceno

Making my summer productive

This year will be a different summer for me. My boyfriend, Keene, and I thought of offering art classes feor children this summer. Our objective was to earn a little money so we can sustain ourselves during the summertime.

Summer is always a happy time for me but it also meant that I don't have classes for a month, which means I dont get a SALARY!!! Yikes!! It means that i need to have another source of income to get me through the summer and of course pay off for my summer getaway.

So, ALAS! We thought of offering a summer workshop for children and offer arts, crafts and drama/acting. Both of us were really not the "artist" type, which means we know how to draw... A LITTLE. So we asked, how can we teach art of we cant even do it.

Then, Keene thought of his friend who is a real artist. PROBLEM SOLVED. Gino Rosales, instantly said yes to the idea. He will be the one teaching arts to the children. YEY!!! I will teach crafts while Keene will teach acting/drama. The plan was going smoothly.


That was a really tough one...
Keene's idea was to invite the kids in the church where he used to volunteer. The only hindrance is that most of the kids are from a not-so-well-to-do family so asking for payment would be next to impossible.

Then the realization came. We lowered the price to P30.00 for 6 session including materials, handouts, and snacks. It was really a big risk for us knowing that we offer art and crafts workshop which needed lots of art materials.

Having no money is really a big predicament on our part as organizers. How can we successfully teach these kids if we lack the resources to do it?

We knew God will never fail us, we are surrounded by kind hearted people who shares the same vision with us. So we asked for donations in kind and in any amount possible. These people did not fail us as well. Thanks to their generosity we can push through with the workshop.

There may be alot of challenges along our way. On March 28, Saturday, the workshop will start. We are very eager and at the same time nervous about the outcome of the first day. The only thing that motivates us is the opportunity to share our talent, time and care for these children. We may not earn profit, but we will surely earn new skills, and especially FRIENDS.

On the Look for a SUMMER GETAWAY!

Every year me and my college barkada need (need is actually an understatement) to have a summer getaway. As a young professionals in our chosen fields, summer is always something we look forward to because it the time of the year where we unwind, relax and get away from all the stress in our lives.

SUMMER is THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE FROM REALITY. >> this for me is what summer means. its when i get to travel to another place, try on a new swimsuit, ride the airplane or the bus and just be my friends and LIVE THE GOOD LIFE. Being a young professional, unwinding gives me the fuel to go on with life and make me a "new person" everytime i go back to work.

So this is my ordeal, this summer we planned an out-of-the-country getaway. Ayi, my college superfriend has an employee rate in one of the hotels in Bali, Indonesia and we thought it was a good idea to grab that opportunity. We were all excited by the fact that we get to go out of the Philippines, but knew we had to battle one more problem and that is getting an airfare. We askd travel agents we knew and discovered that the airfare would cost us $500.00 Oh no! and that's still exclusive of terminal fee and local taxes. From then on we doubted the plan. However, there was a brink of hope when we heard that there is a travel expo happening in SM convention center. So, we went there and look for packages that can bring us to out destination. Sadly, different agencies quoted us with the same amount of airfare and it really disappointed us.


Well, we decided we had to change plans and stick to the Philippines first before travelling out of the country. We decided we'll try Caramoan city in Camarines Sur. This is where my search began.

I have seen pictures of Caramoan but i do not have a slight idea of where it was and how far it was. I did some research and found a very good site with all the works and tips for people who wants to travel to Caramoan City. I'll post the link here because it has been a really great help for me. I have not yet tested it but who knows i might be in Caramoan this summer.:)
Here is the link: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/e1d28/15698e/9/.

The author was moymoydtraveler. He posted tips about the place like transportation, accomodations, places to visit and eat in Caramoan. As for a traveller like me, i found it really helpful and easy to read. So for those of you who wants to go to Caramoan, i recommend you this site.:)

BTW, thanks moymoy for the tips!:) I'll post my Caramoan adventure here if ever I'll be able to pull this off.:)

I also found this site http://caramoan-paradise.blogspot.com/2008/12/caramoan-adventure-cwc-wakeboarding.html.

The site is owned by Myra Roces and it offers group tour packages. The packages is really affordable plus the site is very user friendly and informative.:)

Thanks also myra, and im hoping to get in touch with you soon for our trip!!:)

What January 30 means!?!:)

What my birthday mean?

You are always surrounded by a circle of friends. You are friendly and fun to be with. Although you occasionally disappoint them by being stubborn, but over all, they love your qualities.

On Love, You want to have full control of your love and that's not a nice way to treat your partner. You take your time in saying yes to his wedding proposal or if you are a man, you will not propose anyone until you are certainly confident which might take ages.

My strengths:While outwardly witty and humorous, in reality they are rather serious, discreet and discerning.

My weakness:They make misjudgments and are sometimes proud and haughty.

Best job:Self-employed.

Most of the meanings are true for me. its really amazing that a simple application like that can actually state who you are as a person>:)

What's in a NAME?

My name is Jhoanna.
For some reason, I did not like my name when I was a little kid. I always thought it was very hard for some to pronounce and even remember. I also had an idea that people always forget my name becuase it was a three syllable word JHO-WA-NNA. it was kinda hard for some to remember names with three syllables and i wanted my name to be a two syllable word but it was not what i had. Some of my friends have shorter names, which means TWO SYLLABLE WORD.

This meant that they were always remembered by people and by those they dont even know. I did not like the feeling at all. At times i felt invisible and worst, i felt unlovable. Many would think that its just a name but for me it reflects how we are seen or remembered by people. If people do not remember your name it is the same with you as a person --forgotten.
As a teacher by profession, it has always been my policy that my students remember my name. This is due to the fact that students can really have some "good words" when describing their professors. So, for them to remember my name I sometimes include it in my exams.*wink* Although this is a good strategy for students to remember me, it is inevitable that some of them still forgets my name. Actually, i have been given different names already, some are funny some are really out of to his world.
i appreciate students who remember my name and it is also my goal to remember all their names inspite of the difficulty of matching faces and names. There is always a sense of fulfillment in my part when i remember their names even if they are already my former students. There is also the same feeling of fulfillment when my former students remember my name. It is a constant reminder that in some ways i might have really touched their lives. That in the journey of our lives we have seen and been part of that life.
I have always wanted my name to be remembered. Luckily, I got that from my profession and my students.
Now, I have learned to love the name that i have. I have also loved the person that owns that name.
**Speaking of names, here's what my name says about me.*(from www.blogthings.com)
Your name says that you are mostly:
Talented but unmotivated
Your name also says you are:
Independent but distant
Moral but jealous
Ambitious but stubborn