Saturday, January 01, 2011

Reminiscing year 2010 (Part I)

As the New Year comes, I found myself feeling grateful and content on the year that was. I felt 2010 has been good to me. With all the blessings and little triumphs I've had last year, I needed to give back by sharing those beautiful moments. I have pondered on different insights I gained, and what best to show it but by pictures. :)

* No distance can hinder REAL friendships.

(Left)Stephen migrates in Canada
(Right) Deo Dave in Dubai

They are the people who taught me friends do not really need to be together all the time. With the power of technology, friendships can still be nurtured. All it takes is some little work:) I miss both of you everyday!

*Getting out of our comfort zones once in a while, builds not only friendships but families.
Anawangin, Zambales First Camping Trip May 2010
My first camping trip in Anawangin. I thank God for creating boys who knows how to cook, pitch a tent and carry stuff. A once in a lifetime experience. (When I say once, I mean it.:))

*Great adventures start with great companies.

Laoag-Pagudpod-Vigan Escapades May 2010
Best summer vacation ever! First non official travel of NSTP Facilitators. Seen three places in 4 days, eaten to die for food, took wonderful pictures, shared stories and laughed our hearts out. This has become one of my most memorable summer vacation.

*Finding people who's as crazy a
s I am, is a blessing this year.

From Veronika Decides to Die, I have learned that in life we find people who are as crazy or even crazier than we are. Luckily, I found these CRAZY people. Though not all of them are as crazy, they understand that crazy side of me.

*Its FUN b
eing a Girl.

Having fun dressing up, and wearing a dress.:) Simple happiness.

CAREER discoveries

(Left) Organizer (Center) Bartender (Right) Emcee

I found three wonderful career choices in case I fail being a teacher. (*Crossing Fingers) This year was filled with successful surprise parties. SO successful that we did it almost every month.:) Lots of work,really but the fun part comes with good people, food and especially drinks. Speaking of drinks, I learned so many cocktails from all these parties, and got drunk (real DRUNK). With the emceeing part, I did it twice this year, first was with my parents' 60th bday and second, was with Jewels' birthday. Both event didn't have any other option but me. :)

*Reasons to Celebrate are Endless
Need I say more? My AEP family knows how to throw a party, enjoy a party and create them.
2010 is really one hell of a PARTY for me because of them.

*I hit my fourth year in teaching.

Coming from a family of teachers, I never thought I would be that one from our generation. Being that not "people-person" person, I have learned to become a "people=person"person. There are times I feel frustrated, confused, and hurt with te aching but every time I feel like giving up, the LOVE I have for the craft and for that percentage (even just a small percentage) of students who I get through to, makes me continue with what I do. Not to mention, colleagues who are always ready to give all the support and reality checks every time I need it.

*Teacher Jho does some learning.

I have always known that there is always something to learn, to experience, and to understand. This year gave me the opportunity not only to teach my students but more to teach myself. Hacienda Luisita farmers and its community, taught me so many things I did not get from reading books, watching the news, or even in my major subjects in college nor in master. Things I wished I knew when I was younger. At some point, I was sad that those were not taught to me by my professors, knowing that my course had to do with being ambassadors of this country. Though there are so many regrets that there are so many things I didnt do, I am still blessed that I have learned about it now. Now that I have the biggest opportunity to make students, family, and friends aware of this issue. This is also the best time for me to take action to in my own little ways help them with their struggles.

*Cheers to years of Friendships

The wonderful people who graced my life and decided to still stay in my life. For being part of who I was, is, and will, thank you. For the Supers of my life, you will always be my superheroines.:)
The krungkrung friend I have since orientation in college.
OLGA Kada, who have seen me blossomed into a lady:)
To DJP, that one super kulit, kalokang, fab friend of mine.
To Leilani, who will be my first lawyer friend and who unde rstand my every move without speaking.
To my bestfriend, Terin, who defends, supports, laughs, and cries with me.

Those not in picture:en
Patch, (ayaw mo kasi isend ung pic) Youre still my twin sister, though I noticed you have so many look alikes. I wished we could spend more time together.:)
My amazing AEP Family (kelangan nyo pa ba ng picture, eh kayo na buong blog na to) You know who you all are, thank you for being my friend regardless of my Kabibohan and (aaminin ko na) kasamaan.:) I love you all!

*Lost and Found

People do certain things for a reason and no person can judge anyone for that. Understanding people's action can only be possible with trust and communication. The secret ingredient is time. Finding time for people that matters.

You are found. Thank you for giving us a second chance.



kesico said...

watta colorful year Jojay. :) ako ba yung krungkrung? haha

-=jo=- said...

Yes, KC at part 1 palang yan..
Ikaw lang naman ang krungkrung kong kaibigan eh. Namimiss kita pagbalik mo ng manila magbonding naman tayo!!!!!

kesico said...

sigeeeeeee! :)