Wednesday, May 16, 2007

disclaimer (posted at happy house on April 12, 07)

writing in my blog is not something i brag about, neither is it an opportunity for me to preach about love, its bitterness and sadness, or the wonders of the world or its darkness. i don't intend to preach i'm not hoping to be a priest, come to think of it i am a girl so i really cant be a priest. i write because it is what i feel in that special moment of my life, whether its a good momen or a bad one it's still a special moment. Everything that is written here has a root, has a cause, has a history. Writing what i feel makes me ready to face another challenging or happy moment, but i always cherish sad and lonely moment i have. it makes me who i am, cliche as it may sound. After writing it, i dont expect people to read it not even to comment about it. Commenting is free but never make it an opportunity to judge a person. Words are never enough to express nor describe what is really though by the mind and felt by the heart. Blogs are just synopsis of reality, while sometimes its just exageration, keep that in mind and spare me your judgements!

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